Red & Black Cafe 400 SE 12th Avenue, Portland Oregon = Profilers

Recently, a Portland Police officer entered the Red and Black Cafe to have a cup of coffee. While another patron was chatting up this officer, the owner asked the officer to leave the premises. The reason? The officer made other patrons uncomfortable.
The Red and Black doesn't like Portland Police officers. Period!
This is blatant profiling. They are painting the entire police bureau with a broad brush.
Boycott this restaurant and tell your friends and family to avoid spending their money in a place that is anti law enforcement and Anti-American!!

For a first hand account of exactly what happened to this officer, one fateful day in May, please check out this blog from Cornelia Becker Seigneur:

In support of Portland Police and firefighters, radio talk show host Victoria Taft from KPAM 860 is providing coffee for all police officers and firemen between 8 am and 9 am in the area of SE 12th ave and Oak St. in SE Portland.  Donations are accepted to keep this ethical. To clarify the reasoning, this is in protest of the treatment of one member of the PPB at the Red and Black Café last month. He was asked to leave the coffee shop....simply because he's a police officer.  They are basically anti police.  So, this is in support of everyone in uniform, including any servicemen and servicewomen serving our country.

Coffee for Portland Police, Firemen and servicemen and servicewomen: SE 12th and SE Oak area

Check out the entire story at KOIN Local 6:

KGW Channel 8 also has a story about the anarchist cafe and their bigoted behavior:
You can also check out the video of the interview with the Red and Black owner:

Even more information from the newspaper of record:

Check out this Facebook page...."Boycott Red and Black Cafe":

New! Oregon Tea Party founder Geoff Ludt takes field trip to the Red and Black Cafe....interesting stuff:

New! KATU Channel 2 has an interview with the Red and Black Cafe owner:

And now...for some background on all the symbolism associated with the Red and Black Cafe...



The letter A inside of a circle means Anarchists rule!


This is self explanatory.


The red-and-black flag is primarily associated with anarcho-syndicalism.


E) = Egalitarianism. I guess you might say that "equality is organization," on the same basis as "anarchy is order."

I will not post the website of this establishment. It's bad enough that I have to post the pictures in order to explain what this place is all about. If you need to see the symbolism associated with these anarchists and socialists, you can look them up on the internet, or simply take my word for it. 


This profiling and bigotry of this business has even made the news in Spokane, Washington:

The story has now been picked up by MSNBC. I call them MSLSD, but getting the word out about this anarchist business....unfortunately.....means the news has to go to even the worst of the national media:

And now....CNN weighs in on this anti-establishment bigotry:

And finally, Fox News has reported on the blatant profiling of a member of law enforcement: 
This is a great comment left on Fox News regarding what happened to this officer:
In some ways this story reminds me of the time--JFK was President--Secretary of State Dean Rusk was in France---and De Gaulle (acting even worse than usual) accosted Rusk and demanded that "All American soldiers leave France immediately". Rusk looked at him cooly and ask "Does that include those who are buried here"?

Too true!
This story keeps gaining support.....and legs...
...from the website
And if you ever use Yelp to help you decide where to eat or stay, don't bother. They are just as crazy as the people at the Red and Black cafe:
"I'm writing to let you know that we decided to remove your review of Red and Black Cafe after it was flagged by the Yelp community. It is undoubtedly a controversial issue for a business or one of its employees to take a stand and not serve an individual based on their profession. While we encourage you to exercise your free speech rights with respect to this issue, consumer reviews are not the place to do it.
As our review guidelines ( state: "Reviews aren't the place for rants about a business's employment practices, political ideologies, or other matters that don't address the core of the normal customer experience." Please keep this in mind when writing reviews.
Please let us know if you have any questions."

Yelp User Support
San Francisco, California

I would be happy to have a cup of coffee with this
true Oregonian, former Marine and Portland Police
officer..... anywhere in town. Thank you for your
service to our country! 


Now comes news that a Hillsboro police officer has been shot. Oh, and the suspect also got shot. I'm absolutely certain the socialist owners and customers of the Red and Black cafe are happier than a clam at hearing the news. I suppose they would shed a few tears over the suspect being shot, but I know they could care less about a police officer.

    Are you a socialist? Do you have a beef with this website? Or maybe you're a supporter of law enforcement! If you're an anarchist, please show me how smart you really are, and if you're a real American... send me a message.


'I feel bad that the cop accidentally walked into a vegan coffee house. To hell with the whole debate about kicking him out. Kill all vegan scum!"